“Esperanza gave me hope again.”

Emily came to Esperanza Services at the age of 15. She was a runaway and sexually active. Emily ran away from home because she her home life was unsettled and chaotic. As she said, she never got along with her parents and her parents did not get along with one another.

Emily stated that the streets felt like “home” to her. It was a way to escape from a tense home life and it was also where she was able to secure drugs, cigarettes and other additive substances.

Esperanza Services has taught Emily many things throughout the years. Emily says that she is now more independent and her money management skills have improved. She also has been attending school and likes it very much. Although she struggles with school, her counselor, Georgina Hernandez, continues to encourage her.

Esperanza Services encourages Emily to express her feelings and seek out her goals. Emily is interested in fashion, computers, dancing and singing. She is also trying to seek spiritual guidance at this time.

One of Emily’s longtime dreams is to have her own childcare center, get married and learn how to cook. Esperanza continues to encourage Emily in fulfilling those dreams.

“For the first time in my life, I feel that anything is possible,” Emily told us. “I owe that to Esperanza Services.”