Supported Living


Supported Living Services (SLS) is defined as those services and supports provided as often as needed, and as long as needed to consumers, regardless of degree of disability, which would enable them to reside in homes (or departments) that they own, rent or lease when supported living is the prepared objective in the individual program plan.

“We do not simply assist these people on the things that they are unable to accomplish by themselves; we also assist them develop self-respect and help them live with dignity.”

The amount, frequency and duration of services are based upon the assessment, approval and implementation process on the Individual Service Plan (ISP). Location of services shall be in the consumer’s own, rental or leased home but not in the home of the parents, SLS provider or any other entity who may claim ownership or control of the property. The supported living program will achieve support of the consumer’s assumption of responsibility for making life decisions on the basis of personal preference that enhance the prospects for increased independence, self-reliance, and self-esteem and for implementing those decisions effectively.

Supported Living Services provides assistance that cover the following areas:
To determine your eligibility to receive this service, please follow the link below:» Eligibility for Living Services
For the process on how to receive this service, please follow the link below: » Procedures to receive Living Services

Esperanza Services SLS specializes in the following areas:
Family Support Addresses the needs of clients who have families or dependent family members residing in their home.

– Housing Apartment procurement, Section 8 advocacy and home maintenance
– 24/7 Care Services care for clients who need 24 hours per day, 7 days per week support within their home