Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services (ILS) is a service offered for adult consumers for the purpose of training the consumer, on a time limited basis, to safely and successfully master the skills to live in his/her own meaningful independent living setting.

“We do not simply educate these people to live and function independently, we also mold them to become responsible, good and moral individuals”

An independent living program is defined as a community-based program that provides the functional skills training necessary to secure a self-sustaining independent living situation in the community and/or may provide the support necessary to maintain those skills. Functional skills training are defined as skills which enable a consumer to communicate, interact with others and perform tasks which have practical utility and meaning at home, in the community or on the job.

Independent Living Services provides instructional
sessions that cover the following areas:

To determine your eligibility to receive this service, please follow the link below:
»Eligibility for Living Services
For the process on how to receive this service, please follow the link below:
» Procedures to receive Living Services


Esperanza Services ILS specializes in the following areas:

Deaf Services

Deaf advocacy, Adaptive equipment support, TTY usage and Video relay

Higher Education

Study assistance, Resource and learning accomodation advocacy

Parent Education

Training in child development, positive family communication and affirmation