Community Activities Support

Community Activity Support Services (CASS)
The Community Activity Support Services (CASS) Program is for Regional Center clients that need support in various living skills. CASS is a program that allows staff to accompany consumers in various support areas in order to establish maintenance, stability, and balance in their lives. The CASS program seeks to assist consumers in developing the support and confidence needed to engage in daily living tasks both in the home and in the community.
We believe that many consumers have the ability to perform basic living tasks on their own. However, many individuals may need support and assistance to develop the confidence to do so. The CASS program has been established to provide the accompaniment needed to build the consumer’s confidence in performing basic tasks or navigating the community independently. It is important to note that CASS is not a training program, but specialized support for maintenance and stability of the client’s quality of life.
The CASS program also offers individualized support to consumers who are not able to properly care for themselves. For example, the CASS provider may support a non-ambulatory client in transferring from the wheelchair to the bed or bathing on a regular basis. The CASS program support is tailored to the needs of each consumer.

All CASS service areas are encompassed in four basic categories.

  •  Self-Care
    Personal Hygiene & Grooming
    Food Consumption & Toileting
  • Household Assistance
    Meal Preparation & Planning
    Cleaning/Home Maintenance
  • Adaptive Personal Assistance
    Assistive Technology & Adaptive Equipment
  • Community-Based Services
    Educational Assistance
    Health Monitoring
    Social Companionship

Eligibility criteria for CASS:
• 13 years or older
• Requires additional support to access community based activities, but has moderate ability to perform tasks independently.