Community Clinic

Plan Highlights:

  • Locating Bus Stops
  • Selecting proper bus
  • Transferring buses
  • Appropriate behavior in the bus
  • Paying bus fare
  • Disembarking at the proper bus stop
  • Reading bus schedules
  • Taxi’s
  • Paying taxi fee
  • Bicycle laws
  • Bicycle maintenance


Depending on the assessment of the client, instruction on the appropriate means of transportation will be provided to him or her. This instruction can include transportation such as bicycles, taxi, buses and trains if necessary.

Clients will be assisted and instructed on the use of buses including travel planning, identifying the appropriate bus routes and bus stops, maintaining appropriate behavior while riding the bus and debarking at the correct bus stop.

In the case of an emergency where the client is incapable of traveling by him/herself or where immediate means of transportation is necessary, Esperanza Services will provide transportation service for the client.