Stories of Accomplishment

Esperanza Services has continuously provided an environment of dignity and respect for our consumers.


Here are our stories of accomplishments from past occurrences to show how we have had to empower consumer to overcome a difficult season in their lives.

“We strive to make a difference in the lives our clients”

Through our ILS program, our organization was able to assist *Wendy, a runaway homeless teen who believed no one cared for her.  Esperanza Services helped her stand on her own two feet to obtain a home and be independent.  We helped Wendy locate and obtain the necessary resources required to obtain a stable home.  Today, Wendy lives independent in one bedroom apartment and has never been homeless again.

In another case, a survivor of domestic violence found support at Esperanza Services. Through our SLS program, *Sarah was able to leave her husband and find a place on her own.  Since Sarah does not have any families to support her, we are a place that she can turn to in times of need.

*Wendy and *Sarah are fictitious names used to conceal consumer real identification. Furthermore, the stories are based on the real events.